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The Splendid Sampler

By now you’ve no doubt seen all the posts about 2016’s biggest quilting event . . . The Splendid Sampler. Created by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson, this will be a year=long adventure of learning new things, discovering new designers & creating a fabulous quilt.

The Splendid Sampler Sew Along big button

If you haven’t signed up to follow along, go do that right now! I’ll wait.

I sent off my finished block weeks ago & it will debut later this year.

But, starting February 14, I’ll be sewing along with many of the other designers and many of you.

When I first talked to Pat & Jane about sewing along, I told them I wanted to do something fresh & fun. I was so excited when I opened my mail one day & found this:


Anyone that follows my design work in magazines or my books or patterns knows that I’m a firm believer in “why use one fabric, when you can use fifty?” While I love a coordinated bundle as much as the next guy or gal, what I love even more is pulling out fabrics from several bundles & seeing how they play together.

So, I untied those bundles (Isn’t that always the most painful part?) and started laying fat quarters out on my table.

From Serenity, I pulled these:


From Aria, these prints made my cut:


And, from Behind the Scenes, I went with this group:


So these are my starting fabrics. I’ll start making blocks soon & will post throughout the event.

Can’t wait to see what everyone else is using!





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Harvest Cozies project underway

This weekend I decided it was time to start cutting some of my new Harvest Cozies flannels for a project with an upcoming deadline.

Here’s a peek at some of these prints:


Love the purples!

Here’s a few more of the pieces:


One of my cats, Nora, likes to wander outside a few times a day. When it’s this cold, she won’t go out. And, she gets really bored. That means her favorite activity is finding ways to disrupt my work.

Here she is obstructing my cutting table.


Notice how she is trying to look tired and unaware of what she is doing.

When I took advantage of her moving to get my cutting mat back on the ironing surface, she quickly returned and claimed her space.


Despite Nora’s best efforts, I was able to cut out my quilt. This stack of strips will soon be appearing in a magazine & I’ll share more with you when it debuts!


Time to get back to work. I’ll share some info about The Splendid Sampler in my next post!




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River Rock & Radiant Reflections

Before I share more about my other new Cozies 2 fabrics, I wanted to show my two quilts that are available right now at quilt shops across the country.


These quilts feature my batik fabrics.

River Rock is full of wonderful earth tones–greens, blues, tans and a pop of purple. Here are some of the swatches & you can view all of them on the Marcus Fabrics website.


Radiant Reflections features the inviting blues of the ocean along with pink, yellow & orange. These are some of the prints and the whole selection can also be viewed here


The Quilted Crow in Bolton, MA recently had a trunk show featuring the 2 quilts & sent this great image of the quilts hanging side by side.


Which color story appeals to you? For me, it’s hard to choose a favorite. Some days I like the calm colors of River Rock. Other days, I’m in the mood for the cheery look of Radiant Reflections.

If you want to make your own River Rock or Radiant Reflections quilt, comment below or email me for a list of participating retailers!






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Cozies 2 debuts

I’ve been oh-so-patiently (not!) waiting for January because I knew that would be the first time I could start talking about my newest fabrics for Marcus Fabricsβ„’. This month, I’m fortunate to have 3 lines debut. Β  While I’ve been waiting, I made some progress in getting my sewing area ready for the upcoming flurry of activity. Somehow, though, that empty space never stays empty for long . . .


What exactly is it about quilting that attracts cats?

This is Esmerelda, nicknamed “Fluffy”, one of the cats I inherited when my youngest daughter went to college.

Back to the fabric. . . . Without further ado, let me present my Cozies Flannels: Blues. Today, it’s my favorite of the 3 new options, but that’s probably because it was on the top of the box so I got to play with it first.

Speaking of box, I’ve got to thank my family for not complaining when this GIANT box arrived shortly after Christmas while everyone was home and the house was full.


My first line of Cozies spanned the rainbow. Quilts from that original line are starting to appear. For instance, one of my favorite projects from the original line just debuted in the Keepsake Quilting catalog.


Cozies: Blues focuses on, you guessed it, shades of blue with a touch of grey thrown in for an accent.


These prints will ship to your local shop in March, 2016. Of course, I’ve got several projects planned out for these fabrics to tempt you with that I’ll share in the coming days.

For now, I’m busy laying the fabrics out on that recently-cleaned table, dreaming of more ways to use them.