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Harvest Cozies project underway

This weekend I decided it was time to start cutting some of my new Harvest Cozies flannels for a project with an upcoming deadline.

Here’s a peek at some of these prints:


Love the purples!

Here’s a few more of the pieces:


One of my cats, Nora, likes to wander outside a few times a day. When it’s this cold, she won’t go out. And, she gets really bored. That means her favorite activity is finding ways to disrupt my work.

Here she is obstructing my cutting table.


Notice how she is trying to look tired and unaware of what she is doing.

When I took advantage of her moving to get my cutting mat back on the ironing surface, she quickly returned and claimed her space.


Despite Nora’s best efforts, I was able to cut out my quilt. This stack of strips will soon be appearing in a magazine & I’ll share more with you when it debuts!


Time to get back to work. I’ll share some info about The Splendid Sampler in my next post!




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