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It All Adds Up!

By now, you’ve probably seen some of the online chatter about the third annual APQ Quiltalong, “It All Adds Up“.

This year, there are three quilts, all with a plus sign theme. They are all fantastic, & I can see myself making all of them, but for the quiltalong, I really need to choose one to focus on initially.

I’m leaning toward “Easy Addition”, the cover girl on the Spring 2016 issue of Quilts and More. Be sure to pick up your copy of this issue on newsstands now! (The other two featured quilts are in the April 2016 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.)


So obviously, the first thing I need to do is settle on fabric. I’ve wanted to use this piece from my River Rock batiks in a project, so it’s my starting point.


I love the mix of blue & green with gold and brown.

It’s no secret that I love to mix prints with batiks. So while I’ll definitely use some of my other River Rocks in this quilt, I set out to find some prints that would add to the mix.

I auditioned these Old Green Calicos from Heartspun Quilts.


Then, I looked at these Paula Barnes Companions.


My batiks have some purples so I want to find a way to add the purples in the mix.


Then, an upcoming collection from Judie Rothermel, Macie’s Journal, has some blues, greens & browns that will mix in. Look how well they pair with my focal batik.

qal10While the original quilt uses a single white background, I’m always a “why use one fabric when you can use 50” type of girl, so I’m going to use a variety of the cream prints & batiks for the block backgrounds. What are you using in your favorite plus-themed quilt?

3 thoughts on “It All Adds Up!

  1. I hadn’t even heard anything about this quiltalong. Guess I’ll have to check it out (not that I’ll have time to do it, as you know). And you picked my absolute favorite of all the River Rock batiks. Love the blend of colors in this one. The fabrics you’ve picked to go with it will be great. Maybe you need to come pick mine too?!


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