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QuiltCon 2016!

Let’s just ignore the fact that this post is woefully late  .  .  . better late than never, right? I finally have a few minutes to share some of my favorite images from QuiltCon. One of the best perks of my daughter moving to California is that QuiltCon was almost in her backyard. So, of course, I had to go check things out while I visited her.

What a visual treat. By now, you’ve no doubt seen lots of posts filled with the amazing quilts. I’ll just share a few of my favorites.


Because I love cats, of course.

qc4 - CopyMore cats, a Cat-nado!

qc2 - Copy

Oh my, all those flying geese.


My Message in the Dark quilt hanging in the show.

But the best part of QuiltCon? Hands down, making new friends. Do you recognize this lovely lady?


One of my goals at QuiltCon was to meet a few of the folks I follow on social media. Tops on my list was “ThelmaCupcake” of Cupcakes & Daisies fame. We had messaged back & forth a bit but hadn’t set up a definite time to meet. Fast forward to me standing in line at Starbucks to get my mandatory dose of morning espresso. My husband will tell you I’m not a morning person and not much of a chatter-er before I get my infusion. While in line I vaguely registered the lady in front of me bantering with the barista about her name–she turns to me and asks if I’m “Louise”.

“No”, I reply, still in my caffeine-deprived morning fog. After placing my order and starting to smell the hope of a latte, my brain wakes up.  .  . “she asked if I was Louise.  .  .I think the barista called her Thelma. . . she looks like her blog photos”. So I walk up, introduce myself and yes, it’s her, it’s Thelma Cupcake in the flesh.

We grabbed our cups and sat down & it was like meeting a long lost friend. We have so much in common and she is absolutely as delightful as her blog posts convey.  We met up again later near my Hashtag quilt and I begged her to take another picture.


The next day, I was thrilled to see Shelly Pagliai. She is an award-winning quilter who won two awards at QuiltCon for her work with Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Read all about that quilt here.


I’m back home, working hard on Splendid Sampler blocks and will share some of those over the weekend. Thanks for stopping by!





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