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Hashtag Holidays

One of the crazy things about the fabric industry is the length of time between first putting together a fabric collection and seeing finished projects from the collection. From the length of the actual design process, to the manufacturing of the fabric, to construction of quilts and then finally writing patterns and waiting for publication, it’s often more than a full year between when the fabric idea first makes its way to paper or computer screen and the final quilt design appears in print.

When I finished up my Revved Up Retro fabrics for Marcus, one of my goals was to have a design featuring the fabrics in a Quiltmania publication. Their books and magazines are always some of my favorites. So, I submitted some designs. A while later, I got the fabulous news that Hashtag Holidays would be featured in this:


Simply Moderne, Issue 5. If you haven’t had a chance to thumb through a Simply Moderne, you are missing out. Always jammed full of contemporary quilts, profiles on designers, features on quilt shows and more, it’s fresh, exciting and always a source for ideas.

Here’s a peek at the back cover showing some of the projects inside. My quilt is the first quilt in the top left corner!


Here’s a look at the whole quilt:hashtag3

You can find the magazine at your local quilt shop or online at my favorite shop (wink wink).

If you’d like a kit to make your own quilt, you can order that too.






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