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My Splendid Sampler block

Welcome to my day on the Splendid Sampler journey. I’m so happy to be part of this incredible adventure with Pat Sloan, Jane Shallala Davidson and all of you!

My block is all about using the most fabrics possible . . .  and pinwheels! Get the pattern now on the Splendid Sampler page.

Like so many of you, I LOVE fabric . . . all types, all colors, prints, plaids, batiks. With so much fabric and so little time, what’s a girl to do?


Early on, I decided that using as many fabrics as possible in each quilt would be one to way to actually use a little bit of everything I love in my lifetime. I incorporated that philosophy in my Splendid Sampler block.

Twirl Time is my take on a pinwheel with the bonus that you don’t have a gazillion seams coming together in the center of the block. The story accompanying my block reveals that as a self-taught quilter I wasn’t aware that all those points and seams coming together should be scary so one of my first quilts was a classic double pinwheel.

My message to you, is dive in! Make a block. Don’t worry about perfection. Enjoy the journey.

My Twirl Time, uses a different fabric in each piece which let me use 20 different fabrics in this one 6″ block. Here’s how I grouped things:

Yummy, coral-y pinks & reds and blues are the main colors for my block.


Dark greys in the corners and backgrounds in an assortment of light grey, low volume prints bring it all together.

My block is really easy. You use the classic, “cut, draw, stitch, flip” technique to piece those triangles.

You’ll get units like this:


Which all go together to make  . . . Twirl Time!


I can’t wait to see your version of my block. Will you use 20 fabrics like I did or will you use 4 or will it be somewhere in between? Follow my blog here, follow me on Instagram at sjmax105 or find me on Facebook at Designs by Sarah J. My new fabric line is debuting August 1, & I have some fun new projects coming for Quilt Market that I’ll be sharing.

9 thoughts on “My Splendid Sampler block

  1. the pattern is not on the splendid sampler page at the end of the link…the pattern there is for the bonus block, the flip flops


  2. Love the look of this one, I adore any sort of block that reads as a star. Can’t wait to try your technique…Looks interesting. Thankyou so much from Australia


  3. I am still working on all the Splendid Sampler blocks, and it has come to my attention that I missed downloading your “Twirl Time” block. It is so cute! Do you have the cutting instructions for your block anywhere on your website? So far I have made 62 blocks for the Splendid Sampler. I would appreciate being able to find the sizes for yours. Thank you.


  4. Hi Jan, So glad you are working on the Splendid Sampler. It’s a great journey. Unfortunately, due to our book contract, we cannot provide the free pattern downloads after the 52 week program concluded. The book with all the patterns will be out in April. Happy sewing!


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