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Dandy Days Debut

At last, may I present  . . .


I am so excited about this collection. From the colors, to the text print to the names  . . . everything about this collection just makes me smile. catemoji

Of course, there is a block-of-the-month quilt available with your choice of light or dark background.


And I have several other quilt designs in the works that I’ll share in the coming weeks.

The fabric ships to stores in December. Make sure to ask for it at your favorite shop.

Read more about the fabrics in my Look Book available here.




2 thoughts on “Dandy Days Debut

  1. I totally agree that this collection makes you (me!) smile! The colors, the patterns, the flowers, the dots…it’s so much fun! Congratulations on a dandy creation!


  2. just so a short video of you on Facebook showing your Dandy Days, and loved the “half hexie pattern using it had to get a better look so came directly to your website. Unfortunately we don’t have these kind of shows here in New England… anyway, can’t wait until it becomes available so I can do the exact pattern you did with the half hexie template… at first glance thought it was a half tumbler…Glad I found you


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