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A Book Worth Buying

Any time I hear there is a new pattern or book coming from Carrie Nelson, I add it to my “must-have” list. Carrie’s approach to quilting seems really similar to mine  . . . why use one fabric when you can use 100? Her latest book,  Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites, brings together some of her favorite designs from the past in one easy-to-use resource.

b1400_c (1)

Some of the quilts may look familiar–they’ve been available as stand-alone patterns at one time or another. Several of the designs have been updated with new fabrics and color options. If you’re like me, having patterns gathered together in a single volume has the potential of saving lots of hours searching for that pattern I know I have put somewhere “safe” until I need it. So I was glad to add this book to my library even though I have a few of these patterns safely tucked away somewhere.

Many of Carrie’s designs are on my lifetime bucket list, carefully saved for that day when I have endless hours to sew for myself (that day is coming, right?) I’ve added a couple more, thanks to this book.

One of my favorites is Opening Day–I loved the original version but I love it even more now in this crisp, blue & white combo:


My version might have to be purple & white though.

Wayne & Gordie somehow looks both modern & 1930s-chic at the same time, recolored with Jen Kingwell’s fabrics and a gray chambray.


I always enjoy Carrie’s books because her writing style is so friendly & conversational–I feel like she’s just chatting with me about her pattern. This book is no exception. If you want to add it to your library, check your local quilt shop or order it here.

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