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Dandy Drive quiltalong, part one!

It’s finally here  . . . the first installment of the Dandy Drive quiltalong.

If you missed the yardage requirements last week, here it is again.

To motivate you to dive in, we’ve got a great prize this week. Read on for details!

To start, I’ve put together an overall cutting chart. I know some of you love to work ahead & cut everything out for a quilt at the very start. So, if that’s how you roll, then here you go.

Download the overall cutting information here!

Once you’ve taken a look at the overall cutting, let’s get started on the blocks.

Here’s the first FREE PATTERN!

With the first 2 installments, we’ll focus on making the flower blocks. To keep things super easy, I’ve broken the flower block down into 2 parts. The center of each flower is the traditional nine patch–not much easier than that, right?


The quilt has 11 flowers. So from your fabrics, select 11 combos and construct your nine patches.

Remember, the fabric you select for the outer corner of the nine patch will continue on into the outer petals of the flower–so it will be the focus of each block. I want my flowers to stand out from my background so I’m putting the fabrics that contrast with my background the most in the outer corners of my nine patches.

It’s no secret that my favorite part of the quilt process just might be playing with fabric. Auditioning combinations, trying out all the “what ifs”. . . some days all I get done is arranging and rearranging possible choices. So, pairing up fabrics to find the perfect flowers was no exception. Here’s a few of the options I tried:

These are all prints from my Dandy Days line.

If you follow me, you know I’m definitely a “why use one, when you can use twenty?” kind of gal. So it was inevitable I would start thinking about what else I could pair with my Dandy Days fabrics. Solids are always an easy way to add a pop of color to a project so I cut some solid squares for some of flowers. Here are my first pairs for my nine patches.


Check back in to see more of my combinations in a couple of days! As you start working on your nine patches, share your combinations with me  on Instagram & tag me (@sjmax105) and use our hashtag #dandydriveqal or share them on my Facebook page.

We’re all excited so many of you are sewing along and can’t wait to see everyone’s work. (Pat will be sharing details about more ways to share your blocks with us soon.)

We’ve partnered with Homestead Hearth for kits to make four versions of the Dandy Drive quilt.

So the prize. . . we want to give one lucky participant a kit to make the Dandy Drive quilt. Enter by commenting below and telling us which of the 4 colorways is your favorite. We’ll randomly pick a winner to receive that kit. The giveaway is open until Sunday, April 9 at 12 noon, CST.

Can’t wait to win? BUY NOW and if you do win, I’ll send you a different prize of comparable value!

Be sure to check out what all my friends are doing.

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633 thoughts on “Dandy Drive quiltalong, part one!

  1. I love them all but I think I am drawn to the darker background – simply because this is not what I normally choose and it is so different (for me). But honestly, they are all gorgeous.


  2. I love the black colorway! I’ve been into black backgrounds for years as well as green and ivory. I love the way colors pop when put against a dark contrasting fabric. I gift my quilts to people in my community who have lost a loved one and need a special quilt to comfort them. For some reason, they all love my black background ones. Would love to win this since I’m out of a job indefinitely due to health issues but I’m still quilting. I’ll be doing that until the day I pass away!


  3. I love the yellow background quilt! Would truly enjoy making this, and will seek out my fabrics in case I don’t win! But….really hoping to win those cute fabrics!


  4. Black background is my favorite.
    I’m new to quilting. Trying to take up where my grandmother left off. She had 12 unfinished quilts I found in an old suitcase. Whether I win or not I think it’s great that you and other Quilters share their patterns… it’s nice to know that there is still some things for free…


  5. I would choose the Sunday Drive with the light ivory background. I think the colors really pop with this contrast.
    Thanks for such a cute pattern quilt along!


  6. I am drawn to the yellow background- colours I haven’t used before but would love to. Very cheerful but peaceful at the same time.


  7. Oh boy…maybe I could do TWO tops and double side a quilt?! I would go for the creamy yellow background first and back it with the pink… thanks for making quilting fun!…MORE fun!!!!


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