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Dandy Drive quiltalong Part 2 Pattern

Are you ready to finish your flowers? This week we’re bringing you the pattern to add the petals to your flowers.

Download it here.

So many of you are sewing along already & I’m loving all the variations.

If you share a photo on Pat’s blog by 6 pm, April 20, 2017, you can be entered to win a fat quarter bundle of Pat’s Sunday Drive prints!


Here’s one of my flowers.

FullSizeRender (3)

I’ll share some flowers more soon along with some piecing hints.

I had a great question this week–what is the difference between finished & unfinished size. The 9 patch pattern mentions that your block should be 10 1/4″ unfinished. That just means that once you’ve pieced your nine patch from last week, if you lay a ruler on top of it, it should be 10 1/4″ from edge to edge.

Finished size means what the measurements are once the 9 patch is sewn to the petal units–basically the seam allowance is no longer visible on top of the block so the measurement from edge to edge of the 9 patch once it’s sewn to adjacent pieces is 9 3/4″.

GREAT QUESTION & I hope everyone asks any other question that comes up during your sewing–if you’re wondering about something, there’s a great chance someone else is too.

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