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Block Tour Road Rally

Are you zooming along the internet highways and byways of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Volume 15 Block Tour Road Rally?

I’m so excited to be part of this incredible group of designers. My name is even on the cover!


So if you follow me on social media, then you know I love pinwheel blocks. So, when I started working on a design for this issue, I experimented with pinwheel variations.

Here’s my block:


It uses my Dandy Days fabrics and several solids. One things I loved about the block as it evolved was how it could create additional, interesting designs when the blocks were set side by side. Here’s a whole quilt using the block:


The block works in lots of color combinations. Here’s a warm version using other prints from my Dandy Days line.


This block has lots of pieces so my best tip is to press the seams open as you piece each unit. While I grew up with the “always press your seams to the dark fabric” guidance, I’ve learned that with lots of small pieces coming together in a block, pressing seams open is almost magical.

Be sure to visit the Quilty Pleasures blog to see all the other blocks & enter to win some great prizes.

I’m giving away a copy of the magazine to a lucky winner. I’m also trying out this new way to give away prizes.

22 thoughts on “Block Tour Road Rally

  1. I love that there are two pinwheels when the blocks are put together. Thank you for your block and the ironing tip for small pieces. I too learned to press towards the dark fabric. I will be sure to use this ironing technique in the future. Thank you.


  2. This is a really cool block. It looks great with them together also. Congratulations on being in the magazine!


  3. I like this block…the warm version is very catchy. Wonder how this would look with two different color ways set as alternate squares?


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