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Dandy Drive Quiltalong Wrap-up

Here we are at winding down the Dandy Drive quiltalong. By now you know there are multiple ways to combine the blocks & create your own, magical, welcome summer quilt. Search the hashtag #dandydriveqal & you’ll find lots of ways folks have put the basic blocks together.

This week, to celebrate a successful QAL, I’m giving away Aurifil thread!


First, here’s a peek at my complete quilt:


To win, tell me what your favorite “in stores now” fabric line is–I’m always interested to know what people are crushing on.

Enter to win

And be sure to check out what all my friends are doing:

Be sure to check out what all my friends are doing.

Kim Niedzwiecki: Facebook/Instagram/Website

Jane Davidson: Facebook/Instagram/Website

Jacquelynne Steves: Facebook/Instagram/Blog/Facebook Group

Kerry Goulder: Facebook/Instagram/Blog

Heather Valentine: Facebook/Instagram/Blog/Facebook Group

Pat Sloan: Facebook/Instagram/Blog/Sew Along Website/Facebook Group

And follow me:

Sarah: Facebook/Instagram/Website

116 thoughts on “Dandy Drive Quiltalong Wrap-up

  1. I refuse to count my UFO ‘s….but have enjoyed starting every one of them! Really need more neutrals at this point. Thanks for the giveaway.


  2. Anything Fig Tree or Riley Blake and I’ve a happy camper. I have at least a dozen UFO’s but am gradually working on completing now. Deb E / Oregon


  3. (Oh, my!… I have projects is all stages of completion!)
    *Not* counting those I’ve pulled fabrics for/have plans for… but did not actually start to cut… I have 4 WIPs going right now!
    If I counted my “planned but not cut” projects… (sigh)… Too numerous to count!!!!
    Pat T.


  4. I can’t seem to stay away from Dear Stella. Love how this fabric is sometimes funky and sometimes plain gorgeous. What can I say, it speaks to me!


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